The Best Street Foods in Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá is Colombia’s beating heart, full of culture, history, and charm. Monuments, streets, markets, and mountains aside, Bogotá is known for its fantastic street food movement. Here are the best street food choices. Arepas One of the most popular street food options by far is arepas. A typical breakfast choice, these treats are flatbreads. They are made […]


Beginner’s Guide to Card Flourishes

Here’s an easy flourish for those of you who are just getting into card flourishing or need something to spice up their routines. Step 1: Basics and Background Before we start working with the cards, wash your hands. Not only will this facilitate easier card handling, but it will keep your nice, new cards clean […]


Best Street Food In Athens

Sreet food has become very popular these days in Athens. There were always the traditional street food choices  like the Greek souvlaki, cheese pies or koulouri. Recently new shops have opened offering a wide range of food from all over the world. If you are planning to visit Athens and you want to know where […]


Is it safe to eat Thai street food?

Our very first meal in Thailand – ever – was coughed up from a food stall on Bangkok’s infamous Soi Cowboy. It was sometime after midnight and the vendor handed us a Styrofoam bowl filled with threadlike rice noodles, a clear pinkish broth (caused by the neon lighting?), a handful of rust red gelatinous squares (dyed tofu, […]