Crazy Sushi Art

Care Bears The menu said that these are Care Bears made of rice, carrots, and hot dogs. We’re thinking this is a great way to trick “picky” eaters into eating some sushi goodness.  Sushi Pokemon Zoo They’ve got the whole zoo in this Bento Box! Which one would you eat first? There’s Fox Vulpix again! […]


8 sushi rolls that aren’t actually sushi

Rice Krispie Sushi Snap, crackle, and pop these right into your mouth. Hot Dog Sushi Mmm, these look like little baby fingers wrapped inconspicuously in white bread and nori. Tasty or sneaky? Donut Sushi Tastes good, donut? Bacon Cheeseburger Sushi Is this tainting a culture, or bringing two together? Pop-Tart Sushi Who knew that smashed […]


All About Inari Zushi

Inari zushi is quite simple to prepare at home. If you can stuff a little pouch, you are already an inari expert. First things first. What exactly are inari and what’s up with the zushi? Inari, are little pouches of tofu that have been deep fried then simmered in a sweetened liquid. Sometimes they are […]


Fun Sushi Facts

Sushi traditionalists say the fish should never be raw—nor should it be completely fresh. Not long ago, a sushi chef (itamae) had to undergo ten years of training before working in a restaurant. Today, demand for these skilled food artists is so high that many start work after only two years of training. Sushi aficionados […]


Budapest naked body sushi

You have certainly seen a lot of movies where guys are eating delicious sushi served on a gorgeous girl. If you want to experience it with your friends just contact us and we will be more than happy to help you with it. One hot female stripper will be waiting for you and the sushi will be […]