Do not disturb! The heart-stopping moment an enormous alligator sunning itself jumps onto a passing boat and terrifies a couple on vacation 

Florida tourists Tylor and Emerald Hindery were on a tour boat in the swamps of Florida
The wind pushed their boat inches from a large gator sunning on a bank
In a flash, the gator ran onto their boat and got stuck in the metal bars of the railing
He managed to slither through and re-enter the water
The heart-stopping moment was caught on video

A vacationing couple were excited to get up close and personal with a Florida alligator, until the creature got much more personal than they were expecting.

The pair, Tylor and Emerald Hindery from Springfield, Missouri, decided to take a trip to the swamp lands of Florida so they could glimpse a real gator up close.

When the wind blew their small tour boat up against the bank of the shore, where a big gator happened to be sunning, Tylor whipped out his phone and began recording it on Facebook Live.

The alligator was spotted casually sunning himself on the muddy bank of the Florida swamp a the boat drifted within inches of him 

 Suddenly, the creature veered towards the boat and scurried on board to the horror of the tourists